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Thanhmk28 Thanhmk28 21 August

In anticipation for fire ant update

Fire ant update is coming. I have been stuck in hospital for the past 2 months and will probably be for the next 2 months due to Covid. I'm doing a rehaul of all pages' template, starting with creature pages. Please don't change my template in the mean time. And don't edit fourth tier creatures before the update is officially out.

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Thanhmk28 Thanhmk28 11 May

Welcome new users!

Welcome new users and thank you for your participation.

I wanted to make the wikia more coherent and organized. I spent a lot of time figuring out the pages' format and what to write. Please don't change the format too much because it will affect more than 30 other pages. Speak up to me if you need to add more sections, I'll think of some way to make them more organized. If you find your edits not there anymore, look through the page. I don't really remove people writing, unless it's wishful speculation, but I may have moved them around into other sections.

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Umbra008 Umbra008 12 September 2020

Food and ants that can harvest

Small Hermit crab(110) 2 ants

Small Wolf Spider(110) 2 ants

Medium Wolf Spider(180) 3 ants

Medium Hermit crab(180) 3 ants

Large Wolf Spider(260) 3 ants

Tiny Wolf Spider(10) can be carried

Jumping Spider(25) 2 ants

Small Harvestman(25) 3 ants

Medium Harvestman(55) 3 ants

Small Bush Cricket(30) 2 ants

Medium Bush Cricket(125) 2 ants

Large Bush Cricket(220) 3 ants

Small Praying Mantis(45) 3 ants

Large Praying Mantis(220) 3 ants

Small Whip Spider(35) 3 ants

Large Whip Spider(290) 3 ants

Huge Whip Spider(1200) 3 ants

Ladybugs(15) 2 ants

Uber Tiger Beetle(3000) 8 ants

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Umbra008 Umbra008 20 August 2020

Pages i created

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